April 27, 2005

FeedBurner + Google AdSense

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As has now been widely reported, Google has launched a trial program enabling AdSense in RSS, and FeedBurner has implemented support for this capability. Google is currently testing this program with just a few publishers, but as the program becomes more widely available, and your Google AdSense id is approved for use with RSS ads, FeedBurner will take care of the rest as part of our suite of services. Google's AdSense implementation is based on editing your source feed template. FeedBurner makes it simple to implement the AdSense service if you can't or don't want to edit your source feed templates, or you just want additional flexibility in determining frequency of ads, ability to prevent ads on short posts and other ad control mechanisms for your feed.

LonghornBlogs.com で RSS AdSense が試験されてるな、と思ったら FeedBurner も Google AdSense 配信機能をサポートしてたんですね。(via del.icio.us / miyagawa )

Google AdSense をフィードに埋め込むためにはフィードのソース(テンプレート)を書き換える必要があるけれども FeedBurner を使えばそれなしにシンプルに AdSense を埋め込むことができる、とのこと。

FeedBurner によってエンハンスされたフィードを外部のユーザーに読ませるには、Auto-Discovery のリンクを書き換える必要があるので、その辺の編集が可能なシステムではないといけないというのはあるのですが、フィードのテンプレートをいじるよりは楽ですね。

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