January 17, 2004

To: Dmitry Chestnykh, developer of BlogJet

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It seems character encodings in requests/responses of BlogJet is UTF-8 and it might be ok even if they include Japanese characters.

But the case when the new entry had linfeeds and Japanese characters, following error was occured.

Entries which has no linefeed could be published. (of course there was no problem without Japanese characters.)

Another case: category labels which had Japanese characters were corrupted. (see below)


In "Recent Posts" window, Sometimes entry title was corruped too, and due to problem, it seems not to be able to retrieve content body.

BlogJet has pretty good interfaces and we hope it could handle mutibyte Japanese characters. Any plans to support them? :)


Posted by naoya at January 17, 2004 02:30 AM | トラックバック (0)  b_entry.gif
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Thanks for very detailed report, I will try to fix all this issues with Japanese.

I'm going to learn more about Japanese character support programming techniques (I know how it's hard to get English applications work well with native language - still I'm from Russia myself and we have the same problems :)

[1] Posted by: Dmitry Chestnykh at January 17, 2004 04:41 AM [返信]

so cool. :)

If you'll done it, I'll recommend BlogJet to all of Japanese Bloggers!

[2] Posted by: naoya at January 17, 2004 06:10 AM [返信]